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The Sunset And The Clouds Behind Me
Only The Road In Front
I Left Your Side
To Travel Into Montana Sky.

From Oregon Through Idaho
Where You Live
I Raced Away
West To East, Backwards
Coming As I Had Went.

Being And Just Knowing
That The Memories
Became More Than Dreams,
That Somehow We Were.

Together Holding Hands
Walking On The Seaside
I Thought To Myself
That I Had Discovered
An Unknown Place.

Inside My Heart
I Felt Your Laughter
That Combined To Form
A Love That I Know
And Trust.

To You.

Home I Came
Through A Door
And To My Place
Where My Heart Hung Low
I Turned On My Music
And Played Alone By Song

I Played It Once
Twice For You

I Didn’t Feel
so alone.