Calling it like you see it

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Does the buck really stop
at the top,
or can you pass it on down the line
and blame some other guy?

We go to war because some guy has a ton
of chemical weapons we think aren’t fun.
Turns out he has none
So instead we shoot some from our guns.

We listen to the umpire make the call
A strike is a strike in baseball
but politics it is one big curveball
Just add a little spit and spin on it all.

Better not sit this game out
time to listen to what the world shouts
Oops that is right, if you don’t like it
Just make a new law and put up a sign.

Lawyers think that the law will make it all fine
Someone should tell them to shut up, about time
Sick and tired of all the control
Where is all the freedom when the answer is no.

Treat each other right and follow the rule
That golden saying, “treat someone like they way you want them to treat you”.
Because you can’t make enough laws to stop the wrongs
Society has to say enough is enough, time to move on.