Armistice Day

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Our greatest TV program

Was M*A*S*H*

About doctors and nurses

In the war with China.

Working on the war wounded.

Meant to show you if you didn’t

Speak our language that

What we cared about was saving lives

Should you tune in.

We know of the Rape of China.

We vowed not to do the same.

Uncle Sam sings a China song

Of freedom.

I do here. I never in my life bought a gun. I am free to live my life. Do onto others as they would do onto you. Do not believe just our rap songs and action movies. We are not a bunch of bloodthirsty gangsters. Most of us believe in justice.

My father served in a submarine off your coast. Watched you kill our one of our children on the deck of Pueblo. Nuclear submarines behind every ship at sea. Mushroom clouds could have fallen like rain. Every city would be dead in a plague of dust.

Just Propaganda you say? Live in terror of us? Hardly. Prosperity without slavery, we work towards something better and fairer every day. Have an argument, stop and disagree. You might not get a job or market your product. You. See not everyone believes but we still try together as a team.

The truth is the same back then is at is now today. War is the most terrible face of man’s existence. We can make ourselves extinct if we continue to see differences, especially in race and religion. It the intolerance that makes us fight one another, brother to brother.

Even if our systems disagree, can’t let history rest and all get along. Why don’t we have an armistice day? One day we all pledge not to pull out our guns and shoot someone. Stay home. Just one day we all agree and then maybe tomorrow something new is born.